Friday, July 24, 2009

Need a Chartered Accountant to prepare your Income Tax Return?

So you think you need a Chartered Accountant to prepare you income tax returns ? We we think so too !!

But we don't think you should rely on just any CA.

Just like any other profession there are people of all caliber, and types. That is why eLagaan works with only the best of the Chartered Accountants to build its software, and guess we don't just work with one CA, we have a team of CA who build the tools that works for you.

Well not only that, our users have told us that:

1. When they approach a CA they charge them a arm and a leg to prepare their tax return.

2. You talk to a CA and they end up sending you an Office Boy in a tie and a shirt. Who of course does not know much about taxes, and can potential end up paying more taxes on your behalf then you should. Not to mention the troubles with filing an incorrect tax return.

With eLagaan we have mastered the process with the help of these same top notch CA, so that there is no room for human error on a case to case basis. And we offer the product for free, so you get to keep you arm & the leg :-)

To start preparing you retruns for FREE visit and send your income tax queries thru our tax forums.