Friday, July 24, 2009

Kasthuri TV - Prepare you IT Return with ease from home

Kashthuri TV (Kannada) recently rated us #1 (Top) place for preparing income tax returns in India.

Below is the clip from the segment which talks about eLagaan. In the segment Kasthuri TV discusses how eLagaan has made it possible for indian tax payers to prepare their tax return from the comfort of home. They also talk about how most people take the challenging and expensive route of looking for Chartered Accountants, which of course is not required while you prepare your returns using eLagaan.

In an interview our clarified that tax preparation with us is not only completely quick & secure but also FREE.

Kasthuri TV also clarified that usually it is very complicated to prepare tax return due to various complecated tax return forms, however at eLagaan a easy question answer format makes it very easy to prepare income tax returns.

We encourage you to give our tax preparation service a try for FREE at

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