Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to file Income Tax Returns - A Guide

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to file you income tax returns in India. Use these simple steps to file your tax return (ITR, ITR1, ITR2, ITR3 etc) with no hassle with the Income tax department.

If you have further questions browse our Tax FAQ or ask away the question at our income tax forums. And remember preparing your income tax return is really easy and free with eLagaan.

Udaya TV talks about filing taxes in India - Interview with eLagaan team

Udaya TV (Top Kannada News Channel) talks about benefits of filing income tax returns with eLagaan.

In the small segment of video the eLagaan team talks about how for some tax payers July'31 may not be the last day to file income tax.

Udaya TV is a part of SUN TV Network.

Monday, July 27, 2009

OTV from Orissa talks about filing income tax returns with eLagaan

From the konark state Orissa OTV (Oriya) talks about various advantages of using eLagaan for preparing and filing your income tax returns in India.

They interview the happy customers of eLagaan who have already experienced the diffrence and are now recommending our services to other customers. Thanks Rohit for the good words and we look forward to continue to file your income tax returns for years to come and all for FREE !!

Here is the video:

And remember to have all your tax questions answered at the tax forum or just read our income tax faq.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

News9 TV rates eLagaan as #1 to prepare your income tax return in India

News9 TV in its Namaskara Bengaluru calls eLagaan a "good news" because it allows you to file income tax return free of charge following simple and easy steps. Just by following these steps you are able to now prepare you ITR It highlights the point that you can do all that without the help of a Chartered Accountant.

News9 TV compares it with other website and credits eLagaan on being the first website which allows such a simple tax return preparation with so much ease (as compared to other solutions). They also talk about the various tax preparation packages whose details can be found at .

And as always get solutions to all your tax problems at our income tax forums.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who is the Highest tax payer in the Indian Cricket team ?

Well you are about to find out. Following slides from eLagaan team demystifies it all !!

So without further delay see who paid the highest taxes and who moved up in the list and when they moved up did they make money or loose money from the last year !!

To clue you in here are the names are in the list, but you have to put them in order !!

Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag

And remember eLagaan can reduce your income tax by smart calculation of taxes, so start your tax preparation today for FREE.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Need a Chartered Accountant to prepare your Income Tax Return?

So you think you need a Chartered Accountant to prepare you income tax returns ? We we think so too !!

But we don't think you should rely on just any CA.

Just like any other profession there are people of all caliber, and types. That is why eLagaan works with only the best of the Chartered Accountants to build its software, and guess we don't just work with one CA, we have a team of CA who build the tools that works for you.

Well not only that, our users have told us that:

1. When they approach a CA they charge them a arm and a leg to prepare their tax return.

2. You talk to a CA and they end up sending you an Office Boy in a tie and a shirt. Who of course does not know much about taxes, and can potential end up paying more taxes on your behalf then you should. Not to mention the troubles with filing an incorrect tax return.

With eLagaan we have mastered the process with the help of these same top notch CA, so that there is no room for human error on a case to case basis. And we offer the product for free, so you get to keep you arm & the leg :-)

To start preparing you retruns for FREE visit and send your income tax queries thru our tax forums.

Kasthuri TV - Prepare you IT Return with ease from home

Kashthuri TV (Kannada) recently rated us #1 (Top) place for preparing income tax returns in India.

Below is the clip from the segment which talks about eLagaan. In the segment Kasthuri TV discusses how eLagaan has made it possible for indian tax payers to prepare their tax return from the comfort of home. They also talk about how most people take the challenging and expensive route of looking for Chartered Accountants, which of course is not required while you prepare your returns using eLagaan.

In an interview our clarified that tax preparation with us is not only completely quick & secure but also FREE.

Kasthuri TV also clarified that usually it is very complicated to prepare tax return due to various complecated tax return forms, however at eLagaan a easy question answer format makes it very easy to prepare income tax returns.

We encourage you to give our tax preparation service a try for FREE at

To see what other TV Channels are talking about us visit eLagaan YouTube Channel

Suvarna TV Rates eLagaan #1 place to Income Tax Filing in India

Suvarna TV (A Star TV Channel - Kannada) rates eLagaan as the #1 place to Prepare & File your Income Tax Online for India.

Below is a video to see a preview of the segment run by the Suvarna TV. The segment talks about the various packages offered by eLagaan, the user friendliness and how it can save tax payers a lot of headache all the convenience of your home.

It also stresses the fact that eLagaan offers this service completely FREE to huge amount of tax payers in India.

And yes it is true, we do provide FREE tax filing for almost 80% of the userbase. Check out for details.

And as always submit your tax queries here, and look at all the Income Tax FAQ here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

NRI's yes we accept $ paymenets & Paypal payements

You have asked and we have heard. Now it is possible to pay for your Income Tax Return service in USD (US Dollars - $). Using the following paypal link you should be able to make payment via paypal, master card, visa card and many other methods.

Cost - $14.95

The method requires manual verification at this point, so once you have made the payement pelase send us (use this form) the userid of and let us know that you have done the payment. We usually process all requests within 24 hrs.

And remember Tax Forums are you place to get answers for all your tax queries.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alltop from Guy Kawasaki features eLagaan as India Tax Expert

You must would have heard of the latest venture Alltop from Author, Blogger, Speaker, Entrepreneur , Venture Capitalist, Twitterholic & Mentor Guy Kawasaki or read his blog.

Well when it comes to finding the information, alltop is the place to be. And Alltop recently added eLagaan as the Only source for all the Tax Related News for India.

Thanks you Guy & Alltop and we will continue to be the #1 source for Information for Income Tax In India.

Visit Alltop India at:

Here are some of the video's I love from Guy, enjoy:

And as always remember you can have all your tax queries answered at our tax forums.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

eFiling your income tax return just got easiar (let eLagaan file for you)

1000's of people have already chosen eLagaan to prepare their Income Tax Return. Now eLagaan can also efile your returns for you.

We have recently made arrangements so that eLagaan can efile on your behalf that using the Income Tax Departments ERI - e-return Intermediary facility. One of the Certified Chartered Accountants will work with you to do the eFile.

Once you have prepared your taxes, just send us an email at and we will handle efiling for you.

Note that the service has a fee associated with it.

And in case if you would like to e-file yourself, you can continue to do that. All you have to is prepare your income tax return and follow the instructions that we provide. And yes as always, tax preparation is FREE.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TV9 Channel rates eLagaan #1 place to prepare taxes

On a recent TV report by TV9, the channel rated eLagaan as the #1 place to preparing your income tax return. As apparent from the video below (In Kannada), they compare it with other tax preparation service around the web and find eLagaan to be very convenient, secure and effective.

So what are you waiting for start preparing your tax return today !! Time is running out, and yes it is FREE.

As always use our Tax Forums for your tax queries.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nautanki.TV names eLagaan as a Top website/blog for budget

Nautanki.TV named eLagaan as a top website/blog used to watch the telecast for the budget this year. eLagaan was one of the first one to bring to its users the services provided by Nautanki TV for budget broadcast.

Some of the other websites which were also listed along with eLagaan were: & .

The numbers of viewership that Nautanki received for this is amazing and eLagaan team congratulates them on the success !!

See the press release by Nautanki here, here & here.

Rest assured eLagaan will be the 1st to bring its users all the high quality content from across the web related to the Income Tax in India.

About Networks Pvt. Ltd is India's biggest and first online TV channel. It is a cusp of internet and TV that takes content from channels (Shows, videos movies) and features it online. It is driven completely by cutting edge technology in the online and internet world. generates over 38 million original videos to over 6 million viewers daily with over 25 broadcasters, 300 content creators in 8 languages. Over 13000 web pages have Nautanki.TV video player embedded on their websites. It is the only Indian company to have open source APIs which allows large portals to pull content directly from its servers and serve it to their audience .In short, it takes the content to the audience. The videos and documentaries available on are generally crisp (around four minutes is the average size), creative and always entertaining. Each video has pre-roll as well as post-roll video advertising of around 10 to 30 seconds each. also has four self produced in-house channels that feature short films, Indie music, Animation Theatre, Reviews and shows in various regional languages. It has some of the best known content providers

As always refer to our Tax FAQs for your tax queries or ask us a question at our tax forums.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Startup Saturday Bangalore - Slides

We are heading over to the Startup Saturday and wanted to provide everyone early access to the slides that we are going to be presenting. If you are not aware of this event then find more here.

All of you who will be visiting do come by and say hello to us !! Also do ask for the special surprise that we have for you.

And as always remember you can always ask your tax queries at our Income Tax Forums. And do visit our Income Tax FAQ for answers to most common questions that we get.

Join our Orkut Community - Win Rs1000 cash and more

Have you been to our Orkut community recently? Well if not visit it now and join our community. And as a thank you for joining the community we will give away the following prizes:

1st prize Win Rs1000 - One person
2nd prize Get FREE Royale account (Worth Rs249) - 10 people
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What do you have to do to qualify? Well just join eLagaan's Orkut Community (here) to qualify for the 2nd and 3rd prize.
To qualify for the 1st prize, join the community and leave a comment here with your your elagaan user id (register here).

That's it, good luck !!
Orkut Community link :

Here is the other ways to connect with us.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

See Us at Startup Saturday Bangalore - July 11th

We will be presenting at the upcoming event for July at Startup Saturday at Bangalore (By headstart). So come see us at the event and learn what makes eLagaan the #1 tax preparation service in India. And while you are there learn a little about how we did it and mistakes to avoid.
We would be offering everyone in the room a special promotion (surprise!!), so do come talk to us and find out about the special.

Here is the event detail:

The time and venue for the event:
Saturday - 11th July , 2009
10:00 hrs - 13:00 hrs
North Pergola, IIM Bangalore

Agenda: (Theme - Taxation)
10:00 - 10:15 : Introduction
10:20 - 10:40 : Demo 1: eLagaan (That's US !!)
10:45 - 11:05 : Demo 2: TaxSpanner
11:10 - 11:50 : 6 Lightning Pitches:
11:55 - 12:30 : Talk: Corporate Taxation (with emphasis on entrepreneurial ventures) by S R Gopalan from Dawn Consulting.
12:30 onwards : Snacks and Networking

See you all there, and check back here for slides (we will be posting it here after the event).

Budget Implications analyzed (FY 2009 -10)

This year's union budget FY 2009-10 (AY10-11) did not bring many expected reliefs and cheers for the common taxpayers and has provided some marginal reliefs. Here is Team eLagaan's perspective of various income tax changes proposed in budget:

Basic Exemption Limit:
  • * Rs.2.40lacs for Senior citizens (earlier Rs.2.25 lacs). This will provide a tax relief of about Rs.1545.
  • * Rs.1.90lacs for Women/ Females (earlier Rs.1.80lacs). This will provide a tax relief of about Rs.1030.
  • * Rs.1.60lacs for All other category of Individual tax payers (earlier Rs.1.50lacs). This will provide a tax relief of about Rs.1030.
Surcharge Scrapped:
  • * Surcharge on Income tax has been scrapped. Individuals having taxable invomce over Rs.10 lacs will benefit more from this as their tax incidence at the highest slab has declined to 30.09% from 33.99% (savings of about 3.9%)
FBT Scrapped (Plus & Minus):
  • * FBT has been scrapped for companies. This could result in tax on many employee benefit perks to be shifted to employees. The list of perks is yet to be released, but major perks affected could be ESOP (employee stock options) and contributions to super-annuation funds etc.
  • * Deductions u/s 80DD in respect of maintenance, including medical treatment, of a dependent who is a person with severe disability has been increased to Rs.1 lac from the present limit of Rs.75,000
  • * Deductions u/s 80E in respect of interest on loans taken for pursuing higher education in specified fields of study has been extended to cover all fields of study, including vocational studies, pursued after completion of schooling
Gift Income:
  • * Non-cash gifts will be taxed. As per the new proposal, any non cash gift (e.g. property, shares and securities, jewellery, archeological collections, paintings and gold etc.) received from a non-relative where the value is in excess of Rs 50,000 in a particular year will be considered as income in the hands of the recipient. However, the proposal provides for some exclusion, which includes receipts on occasion of a marriage or by will or inheritance or from certain specified authorities (educational or medical institutions among others)
Other Important Highlights:
  • * If you don’t have a permanent account number (PAN), your tax deducted at source (TDS) could be higher. The penal rate will be a minimum 20%.
  • * Saral-2 is likely to re-introduced soon

eLagaan will keep a track on the developments of budget and keep all its users informed about the changes.

Please remember that these changes are applicable only for next year returns (current year's income). For this year returns none of these will apply.

But why to worry? eLagaan will keep track of all the changes and you need not worry or know about their applicability. Simply use eLagaan for preparing your tax returns and BE 100% SURE that all applicable laws and changes are updated in our system.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Income tax department confirms - UTN not a requirement for AY2009-10

We were the the first to break the news and now the Income Tax department confirmed (here) that UTN (Unique transaction numbers ) are not required.

So stay in peace and file your taxes withought having to wait for UTN number.

Here is the press release by the department:

No.402/92/2006-MC (14 of 2009)
Government of India / Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes
New Delhi dated 30th June 2009

The Central Board of Direct Taxes have further decided that the Notification No.
31 of 2009 dated 25.3.2009 amending or substituting Rules 30, 31, 31A and 31AA of the
Income Tax Rules, 1962 shall be kept in abeyance for the time being.
Taxpayers filing their income tax returns for assessment year (AY) 2009-10, or
any other earlier AY, may continue to file their returns without mentioning the Unique
Transaction Number (UTN) as required under the said Notification. The filing of such
returns shall be treated as valid and in compliance to the requirements under section 139
of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
Further, the date from which the Notification No. 31 / 2009 shall become
applicable on tax deducted at source (TDS) or tax collected at source (TCS) and
deposited during the current financial year shall be notified by the Central Board of
Direct Taxes subsequently.
All deductors / collectors of TDS / TCS may continue to deposit their TDS / TCS
and file their quarterly TDS / TCS returns as per procedure existing prior to issuance of
Notification No.31 / 2009 dated 25.3.2009.

Whenever, Income tax department stops accepting tax returns without UTN, eLagaan will keep track and make necessary changes to our systems. So you don't have to worry or keep a track about changing tax laws (learn more)