Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Income Tax Law Of India explained - A slideshow

Income Tax Laws in India can be confusing, specially to the non tax professionals. But at the same time all of us have to pay taxes (well seems like that is the right thing to do :-). The better we understand the laws, the more the chances that we save more on taxes.

Here is a slideshow from Afterschool which takes a stab at explaining Income tax laws in powerpoint format.

And if all this is too much for you to keep track of, then don't worry - eLagaan will keep track and make necessary changes to our systems. So you don't have to worry or keep track of changing tax laws (learn more). All you need to do is use eLagaan to prepare tax returns and we will take care of the rest.

And if you ever have any tax queries just fire away your questions at our income tax forums.

UTN (Unique Transaction Number) unleashed

What is UTN?
It is a unique number used by income tax department to track every Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), Tax Collected at Source (TCS) transaction.

Where to Find the UTN?
UTN should be provided by the company/ person who deducts tax on your behalf and deposits the same. If your deductor has not provided you with the UTN for all your tax deductions, then the same can be obtained from NSDL, although this requires a 1 time registration.

I donot have UTN, Can I file my returns?
As on date, Income tax department is accepting returns at their office and website (eFiling) both without UTN. eLagaan supports UTN for tax preparation and has kept is optional.

Whenever, Income tax department stops accepting tax returns without UTN, eLagaan will keep track and make necessary changes to our systems. So you don't have to worry or keep a track about changing tax laws (learn more). All you need to do is use eLagaan to prepare updated tax returns as per latest income tax laws.

And if you ever have any tax queries just fire away your questions at our income tax forums.

Confused about changing tax laws? We are not

Are you worried about always changing Indian Income Tax laws ? Unable to keep up with the continuous tax law changed?

Well we are are not !! eLagaan works with a team of tax experts including Chartered Accountants (CA) , Tax Return Preparer (TRP) and Income Tax Officers who follow the changes and implement the changes back to the eLagaan's tax preparation system. So you can relax knowing the industries best tax experts are working for you around the clock.

So what do you have to do to keep up with the changing tax laws? Nothing, just use the simple to use tax return preparation tool and leave the rest to us, and yes preparing taxes for India is FREE & Guaranteed.

Well if you are still interested in the changes in the tax laws, we will keep you updated on it via our income tax blog & income tax news services.

And if you ever have any tax queries just fire away your questions at our income tax forums.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Basics of Income Tax In India - Slideshow

Just came across slideshow which details some quick points about Income Tax In India. The information is relevant to the FY 09-10.
Thanks to Chirag Jethmalani of Squamble for putting this together.

Ofcourse you don't have to learn about all these tax laws if you use eLagaan to prepare and file your tax returns !!

And don't forget to use the Tax Forums for all your tax queries.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A 1000 Followers on Twitter !!

Thanks to all the supporters, @eLagaan reached a 1000 Followers today. We appreciate all the love and messages that we get from you. So go on follow us and keep sending those messages using twitter http://twitter.com/elagaan .

New to twitter? Here is a little something about twitter.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prepare Your Tax Return & Win Prizes

Preparing your income tax return has never been so much easy. With eLagaan you can prepare your income tax return quickly and efficiently. Now eLagaan makes it FUN too!!

We are excited to announce prizes that you can win just for preparing your taxes with us. And guess what, most of the returns are completely FREE.

The Prizes details coming soon

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

eFiling Jai Ho !

The Income tax department has recently introduced new changes to the eFiling process of income tax returns, making it highly convenient and user-friendly. Now tax payers opting for eFiling, need not stand in long queues or visit local income tax office for submitting the signed copy of the return/ ITR-V (acknowledgment).

All you need to do now is simply eFile your return, print the ITR-V generated, sign the same and send it over post to the following address within 30 days of eFiling. The Income tax department will send an email acknowledging receipt of ITR-V to the specified email address on your return.

Income Tax Department – CPC,
Post Box No - 1,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bangalore - 560100,

Other Benefits of eFiling:
1. Convenient & Easy - You can file your income tax return anywhere anytime as per your convenience.
2. Additional Time: Normal paper returns are accepted till 5pm on the due date (e.g. 31-July). eFiling can be done till 11:59pm on the due date. You also get 30 more days to send your signed copy of the acknowledgment to CPC.
3. Easy to prepare - eLagaan offers most easy and simple way to prepare your tax returns. You need not have any knowledge of income tax to prepare your tax return accurately.
4. Eco Friendly - eFiling is GREENER as it saves paper

So experience the convenience and comfort of eFiling and enjoy. Jai Ho !

Monday, June 1, 2009

Find your PAN Card number - India

How to find your PAN Card Number ? Every once in a while we are challenged with finding out the PAN Card Number for ourselves or someone else.

Now it is very easy to Find the PAN Card Number (PAN card for Indians or PAN Card for NRI). Just visit http://elagaan.com/india-tax-info/find-your-pan-card-number

Also we have created resources to answer all the questions about PAN Cards in India. Here are the pointers:
And as always use eLagaan's Tax Forums to ask any queries you have about Income Tax In India.