Friday, March 30, 2012

Why we moved from salesforce's to freshdesk

We recently moved eLagaan's support system from to Freshdesk. We just wanted to share our experience and reasoning of why we did this.
eLagaan was using Assitly which later became Salesforce's However we were not too happy with some of the missing features, but we were hopeful that the big daddy will invest more money and we should have some of these obvious features.
But after waiting long enough, we started looking around for a better solution to enhance our user experience. We looked at many systems including revisiting, zendesk, OTRS, zoho & freshdesk. has some good features. However some of the things that bothered us was:
1. Slow in feature releases
2. No way to allow customers to review their support request (past & new thru web)
3. Cost was high, add another agent and you pay $49/month

So why Freshdesk apart from the fact that they have a fresh design and a intuitive interface:
1. We needed a way for our customer to review and comment on their case. Freshdesk does an awesome job creating a login id for every case that opens
2. Price, we just loved the fact that first agent is free & any additional are $9/month. Hence overtime as we grow, our price is going to be manageable.
3. They seem to be adding features faster then anyone else. It shows they are hungry, and we will probably see more innovation from them in the future. In case of we saw the feature additions were more towards things like salesforce api etc, which are great features, but being a startup we needed more features locally then integration

Ofcourse there are few areas we would like Freshdesk to improve on (I don't think others have it either):
1. A way to open tickets via sms or notify people/agents via sms on updates
2. A good way to open case when called via phone (its not very complicated guys)
3. A way to subscribe users who open a case with us to a mailing list
4. Mobile support - don't need an app, but optimize it for mobile web
Overall we are very happy with Freshdesk for providing a great service for very reasonable price, thank you Freshdesk !
And in this war of Freshdesk Vs , Freshdesk has our business !